Type I Restriction and Modification Systems

Type I R-M based Research at Portsmouth

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Keith Firman

Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory
Biophysics Laboratories
School of Biological Sciences
University of Portsmouth
St. Michael's Building
White Swan Road
Portsmouth PO1 2DT
United Kingdom

Tel  +44 (0)23 9284 2059
Fax +44 (0)23 9284 2070

Group Leader: Dr Keith Firman (Reader in Molecular Biotechnology - retired October 2010)

Research Group:

Dr James Youell
(postdoctoral worker employed on the EPSRC funded EUROCORES NanoSci-E+ Project "Molecular Machines" (now supervised by Dr Darren Gowers) and previously employed on the, now completed, BioNano-Switch Project).

Mr Daniel Fordham
(postgraduate student writing his thesis on aptamer development for biosensing)

Ms Aneta Hyb
(postgraduate student writing her thesis on protein-protein interactions within EcoR124I)

Areas of Research Interest:

  1. The EcoR124I restriction endonuclease.
  2. Type IC R-M systems.
  3. Protein-protein interactions and subunit assembly.
  4. The influence of hydrophobic toxins on subunit assembly.
  5. The motor activity of Type IC restriction enzymes.
  6. Developing a nanoactuator based on the EcoR124I molecular motor and derivatives thereof.
  7. Mutagenesis of M.EcoR124I MTase.
  8. Mutagenesis of the HsdR motor subunit of Type IC restriction enzymes.
  9. Structure-function studies of the EcoR124I R-M enzyme.
  10. Use of DNA modifying enzymes as single molecule molecular motors.

Research Collaborations

Research Publications:

Posters Presented:

External Research Funding

Awarding Body Title of Research Project Amount Awarded
Nuffield Foundation A physical analysis of two closely related DNA recognition proteins * £3,500
SERC Structural basis of DNA specificity in EcoR124 * £5,000
The Wellcome Trust Localisation of the DNA recognition domains of the Type I Restriction and Modification (R-M) enzyme EcoR124 * £9,837
The Wellcome Trust Localisation of the DNA recognition domains of the Type I restriction and modification (R-M) enzyme EcoR124 * £19,361
The Wellcome Trust Recombinational analysis of the DNA specificity domains of Type IC restriction and modification endonucleases * £43,562
The Wellcome Trust Travelling Fellowship Subunit assembly of Type I DNA methyltransferases * £24,779
The Wellcome Trust Collaborative Grant (Czech Republic) Production of mutations in the hsd genes of EcoR124 that prevent subunit assembly * £12,050
The Wellcome Trust Prize Studentship A study of domain structure and subunit interactions of Type IC restriction methylases * £47,827
The Wellcome Trust Collaborative Grant (Russia) Cloning, high level production and purification of the restriction subunit of EcoR124 * £15,743
The Wellcome Trust A study of deletion mutants of Type IC Restriction-Modification systems that show novel DNA specificity * £82,569
The Wellcome Trust Travelling Fellowship An analysis of the influence of DNA supercoiling on cleavage by the Type IC restriction endonuclease EcoR124 * £58,383
The Wellcome Trust
Collaborative Grant (Czech Republic)
Investigation of how protein-protein interactions influence subunit assembly and cellular localisation of EcoR124I * £57,518
INTAS Electron microscopy analysis of the interactions of oligonucleotides with DNA as a general tool for gene mapping * £19,531
British Council
UK/Israel Collaborative Grant
The study of coupled DNA- and tRNA-restriction systems, focused on a phage T4 factor inhibitory to one and activating the other * £45,000
MRC Isolation and characterisation of an unusual restriction-modification system from Mycoplasma pulmonis £32,658
The Wellcome Trust Collaborative Fellowship
A study of DNA topology in thermophiles and archaebacteria, and its functional consequences * £46,634
(Travel Grant)
To support above project £1883
SGM Vacation Studentship 1996 (undergraduate bursary) £800
SGM Vacation Studentship 1997 (undergraduate bursary) £800
The Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research Collaboration Grant Subunit assembly mutants of the Type I restriction endonuclease EcoR124I * £7,800
The Wellcome Trust Project Grant Analysis of an unusual Type I Restriction-Modification system from Mycoplasma pulmonis £87,587
SGM Vacation Studentship 2000 (undergraduate bursary) £1480
Consultancy – Hampshire Scientific Services Investigation of techniques for screening for GM content in food £20,000
SGM Vacation Studentship 2001 (undergraduate bursary) £1600
Consultancy - BTG International Ltd. Development of a polynucleotide motor as a commercial nanotechnological project £34,000
EMBO Research Fellowship Single-molecule analysis of a DNA-based molecular motor * £1331
SGM International Fellowship Localisation of the Type IC restriction-modification enzyme EcoR124I in liposomes £1700
EC 5th Framework Grant
A Molecular Magnetic Switch that links the Biological and Silicon Worlds * €1,974,000
Wellcome Trust Showcase Award
"Trojan Horse" - nano-scale packaging, separation and delivery device £125,000
SGM Vacation Studentship 2002 (undergraduate bursary) £1600
(commercialisation grant)
A self-assembling multisubunit biosensor for toxicity testing. £49,020
EPSRC NETWORK: Molecular machines in nanotechnology * £63,053
EC 6th Framework
NEST-Pathfinder (Synthetic Biology)
BioNano-Switch - A Biological Nanoactuator as a Molecular Switch for Biosensing * €1,992,610
(Commercialisation grant)
Development of a nanoactuator / molecular dynamo for bionanotechnology and market assessment of the bionanotechnology market £50,000
NanoSci-E+ (EPSRC)
Molecular Machines that use structured DNA for directed movement £310,000

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