Cricket scores from the Rose Bowl 2010 - 2011

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Events at a T20 startThe following scores are matches that I have scored personally and I do not guarantee they will match the official scores (I just do this for fun).

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Twenty-20 games summer 2010:

  1. Hampshire vs Essex, 27th June 2010 (T20 game, without scoring positions).
  2. Hampshire vs Glamorgan, 1st July 2010 (T20 game, without scoring positions).
  3. Hampshire vs Middlesex, 16th July 2010 (T20 game).

    CB40 games summer 2010:
  4. Hampshire vs Durham, 8th August (CB40 game).Pre-match view at the CB40 match vs Durham
  5. Hampshire vs Leicestershire, 17th August 2010 (CB40).
  6. Hampshire vs Kent, 29th August 2010 (CB40).

CB40 games summer 2011:

  1. Hampshire vs Leicestershire, 31st July (CB40),
    To the right you can see the "Wagon Wheel" of Sean Ervine with three sixes showing as outstanding shots beyond the crowd behind the crowd.

  2. Hampshire vs Scotland, 29th August 2011 (CB40).  Unfortunately, I was only able to score the first innings of this match - Hampshire batting.

Twenty-20 games summer 2011:
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  1. Hampshire vs Somerset, 1st June 2011 (t20).
  2. Hampshire vs Glamorgan, 8th June 2011 (t20).
  3. Hampshire vs Gloucestershire, 24th June 2011 (t20).  This match was rain affected and my computer got wet (battery affected froze screen somehow!), so I only have the first innings - Hampshire.
  4. Hampshire vs Sussex, 27th June 2011 (t20).
  5. Hampshire vs Essex, 6th July 2011 (t20).
  6. Hampshire vs Middlesex, 15th July (t20).  Sadly the match was abandoned due to rain, but the report shows the Hants innings.
  7. Hampshire vs Durham, 7th August (t20 Quarter Final).  I am afraid I am not 100% certain of the direction of shots on the "Wagon Wheel" as the scoring programme decided to show the wicket "upside down".